original art by Liana Kangas

original art by Liana Kangas

Andrea has been writing professionally and creatively for most of her life. Currently, she works at Marvel Entertainment where her primary role is to provide PR outreach and communications management for Marvel's robust line of comic book titles, as well as assist with the planning and execution of large publishing campaigns and marketing initiatives. Previously, she served as an Assistant Editor at Entertainment Weekly and a writer for With a focus on diversity in pop culture, "geek culture," and female-led media, she was responsible for cultivating much of Entertainment Weekly's comic coverage. Andrea carved out her niche at EW writing analytical pop culture features and providing in-depth reporting on the comic industry. As a freelancer, Andrea's writing has appeared across the web and in print in publications such as Variety, Paste Magazine, Marvel, Mashable, Bustle, CVLUX, Brit & Co., Image+ and more.  

As a writer and PR professional, Andrea has spent years working with talent at every end of the spectrum. In 2014, she established a convention meet-up for the best-selling Image series Sex Criminals that led to the creation of the comic's first and only official fan group. Through this community, Andrea has arranged fundraisers for charity that have raised over $2500 for organizations such as Futures Without Violence and The Hero Initiative.

Andrea holds a Masters of Science in Journalism from Medill's Northwestern University and a B.A. in English and Communications from The George Washington University. As a writer specializing in the beats of television, genre movies, comics, and theater, she has conducted interviews with top talent, writers, and directors, reported from hit television sets and red carpets, and provided coverage at major industry events such as San Diego Comic Con, New York Comic Con, The Tony Awards, The New York Television Festival, and more. 

With over a decade of experience writing, consuming, and marketing pop culture both on camera and off, she allows her passion and love of all things creative to drive her work. Her career highlights include being offered a cashew by Mike Colter during a Defenders video interview, commiserating over T.G.I.F. days with Cobie Smulders, getting James McAvoy to curse in traffic, and interviewing the legendary Stan Lee on three separate occasions.